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The AEJF would like to welcome ORPINGTON JUDO CLUB run by Ross Mockeridge into its fold. For more information view the club directory.

The AEJF founders recognise that whilst judo techniques are constantly evolving, there are certain core techniques upon which judo is built that all judoka need to know. For AEJF National gradings, judoka are expected to show they can execute specific techniques in a traditional form – as practising the traditional forms of core skills allows judoka to understand and perfect the fundamentals of good kuzushi, tsurkuri and kake.

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2012 AEJF Syllabus

The new syllabus with a start date of 1 July 2012 is now on the AEJF website. The syllabus will reviewed periodically based on feedback received from the AEJF Regions. All feedback must be sent to the AEJF National Secretary John Pegram 6th Dan at for merging and issue to the AEJF Technical Board for their review.

It should be noted the syllabus is a guideline for AEJF grades and the individual clubs have the flexibility to coach on additional techniques where required for Kata and where it would benefit the Judoka.

All feedback will be responded to once reviewed.

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For your interest here is the schedule for the Judo events in the 2012 Games.

Why join the AEJF ?

The AEJF is a non-political organisation which aims to provide support:

-To all Judo clubs who want to promote friendly, affordable, Community Judo.

-To all individuals who want to enjoy meeting and training with like minded judoka.

-For all judoka who agree that judo is about more than belt progression and winning medals.

-The AEJF can provide support for clubs organising their own training events and competitions but member clubs are encouraged to retain their own individuality.

What is Judo?

  • -An art form or a sport?
    -The gentle way or a physical, challenging, competitive, combative, duel?
    -Are judokas team players or egotistical athletes?

The simple answer is judo can be all of the above and more.

It can be practised by men and women, of all ages, shapes and fitness.
It can be practised with  like minded, equally matched partners, though more often you will find your self training within a class of individuals who have their own agendas.

All AEJF Judoka should simply aim to emulate Jigaro Kano (the founder of Judo) who said “In order to perfect myself I do not for a moment forget to be of service to the world(

Any throws that don't hurt?

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